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Fires have long left their legacy in the arid South Okanagan, claiming many historic buildings such as the Fairview Hotel (the “Big Teepee”) in the old Fairview mining town. When the mines ran out of gold, the residents began moving down to the new village of Oliver, where a newly built irrigation ditch brought different riches to the parched landscape: agriculture. The town of Oliver still stands, but the fire station siren is often heard screaming in the desert air, and Main Street is riddled with holes where fires have torched building after building. Even our ski hill's peak is burnt to a crisp, earning the name "Mt. Baldy" and leaving eerie tree skeletons to dodge while ridin’ fresh powder.

The volunteer firefighters built a modern fire station, leaving their original fire hall downtown in the heart of Canada's Wine Capital. The "Old Firehall" is the home of our humble brewery, as well as Bill & Dawn Reid’s Firehall Bistro, and with the honourable firefighters of all communities in mind, the Firehall Brewery is proud to offer high-quality craft beers in their name. The brewery’s passion for enjoyable brews is only rivalled by its love for music and the great outdoors.

Welcome to the craft beer revolution! The Firehall Brewery encourages all those of legal drinking age to enjoy the fruits of a brewer’s art in moderation with good company in true Canadian style.

 -Sid (Brew Chief)



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