IBU: 6 -- ABV: 4.6%

Brewed in the traditional “Witbier” style from Belgium, the recipe goes beyond barley and hops to also include wheat, oats, orange peel, toasted coriander, and a couple other secret ingredients. The cloudy haze from the wheat and oats gives this refreshing ale the appearance of hand-pressed lemonade. Its fruit-like aromas of orange, green apple, and banana mix with a floral springtime essence, and a dash of clove-like spice from the Belgian yeast strain. Its mouthfeel starts off creamy from the wheat and silky from the oats, but finishes dry with a zesty tang. Its low bitterness allows the juicy orange and malty sweetness to shine through, but is balanced with a mild tartness from the wheat and a herbal character from the spices.

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