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Mutual Aid

Whisky Barrel Stout

 The "Mutual Aid" Whisky Barrel Stout is now on tap and available by the bottle for off-sales at the Firehall Brewery! Three Dubh Glas whisky barrels spent a month aging a few lucky litres of Stout earlier this winter, imparting natural oaky tones like caramel and vanilla while also smoothing the brew, making for a strong, silky treat. We only got 10 cases and 9 pony kegs out of the three whisky casks, so come and get it while you can!


ABV: 9%

IBU: 25

Our Small Batch Seasonals and Year-Round Roster of Ales can be  found at the Firehall Brewery Brewpub, below Oliver's "Old Firehall on Main"

Contact Us for a current list of other locations serving Firehall Brewery beers.

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