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Firehall Brewery

NOV 25, 2021

“Fire Drill N.A.I.P.A.” - Experimental Non-Alcoholic Beer for Science 

Firehall Brewery in Oliver, British Columbia is releasing a new experimental beer, brewed in collaboration with Escarpment Laboratories in Guelph, Ontario. It is a non-alcoholic IPA (India Pale Ale), brewed in the spirit of industry research and development, utilizing an innovative process for producing a non-alcoholic beer. The beer is available for retail and wholesale orders for a limited time.

This innovative method of producing a non-alcoholic beer involves using a maltose-negative strain of yeast developed by Escarpment Laboratories, which ferments only a portion of the sugars naturally produced in the brewing process. This limited fermentation creates the flavour profile essential to beer’s flavour, without producing alcohol in excess of 0.5% by volume. The adjustments required to prepare the batch for this irregular type of fermentation, and produce an enjoyable finished product, are not well documented in the available brewing literature, so the scientific data from this batch will further research and development at Escarpment Laboratories.

The non-alcoholic beer market is on the rise, a market usually unavailable to small craft breweries without large budgets or space for the necessary specialized equipment. This barrier is now being broken down through creative brewing practises like limited fermentation, opening up the market to artisan brewers.

The Fire Drill N.A.I.P.A. is refreshing and hoppy, with strong aromas of citrus fruit and evergreen from the hop varieties chosen. The majority of the batch will be available on-tap and by the bottle to-go at the Firehall Brewery in Oliver, but liquor stores and licensed establishments that are interested in carrying the Fire Drill N.A.I.P.A. for the holiday season can contact the Firehall Brewery by email or phone. This is a small-batch brew; volume will be limited and sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Firehall Brewery is a small, family-run craft brewery that has been operating in Canada’s Wine Capital since 2011. The on-site tasting room, pub, store and concert venue is located on the lower level of Oliver’s “Old Firehall” on Main Street, downstairs below Pappa’s Firehall Bistro on the highway level.

Escarpment Laboratories was founded in 2015 by a passionate group of brewing scientists who met in the yeast research lab at the University of Guelph. Operating out of Guelph, Ontario, Escarpment has helped hundreds of breweries achieve their fermentation targets.

2021 "Wind & Fire" Memorial Harvest Porter

IBU: 33 -- ABV: 5.1%

Carson by Notre Dame.jpg

The 2021 "Wind & Fire" Memorial Harvest Porter was brewed with fresh hops we harvested in tribute to our fallen brother and brewer, Carson Ruhland. We love to change up the recipe for this memorial beer each year, and this year we were feeling inspired to brew it in a "porter" style: dark and balanced, with smooth chocolatey notes from roasted wheat and a hint of spice from the rye malt. Plus, of course, lovely layers of fragile hop aromas achieved by brewing with hops when they're fresh. Thank you Jake, Kari, and Brent for growing the hops!

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